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Helping change peoples lives through Pilates, movement and good vibes


Meet Ally, our Founder

Ally is an ex professional dancer with over 15 years of training & teaching dance.

Ally found a new life's purpose with Pilates and has now over 5 years of experience teaching Pilates.

Ally's hunger to help change peoples lives through movement, Pilates & good vibes, grows every day.

With her bubbly energy and enthusiastic approach, Ally is your biggest hype girl lifting your spirits whilst enjoying the benefits of Pilates and other forms of exercise.


Ally is super passionate about her clients working in correct alignment, achieving the absolute most out of their sessions & the benefits of Pilates.

You'll have the best time whilst working hard creating the burn we all love.

What our clients are saying..


"I have always felt uncomfortable in gyms & studios because of my weight. I feel very welcomed & comfortable in your classes Ally."


"YOU have changed my life. YOU & Pilates have change my entire life. I am so much happier"


"I am always left feeling accomplished & uplifted from your classes, you always make me feel more confident & proud of my progress."
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