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NRG Group Classes

Step into the invigorating world of NRG Pilates, where every session is a transformative journey for the mind and body.

NRG Classes

Our high NRG sessions are curated with intention, fostering real-time results that empower and NRGise. Leaving you feeling better than ever before!

NRG Reformer

Our reformer Pilates class is a dynamic fusion of strength-building exercises and mindful movements, specifically designed to foster a connection between the body and mind. You'll feel your muscles ignite with power, while simultaneously enhancing your flexibility and mobility. You will be working with correct technique allowing you to push your limits, break a sweat and have fun in the process. NRG reformer Pilates isn't just a workout, we break through mental barriers, escape the outside world for 50 mins and practice the techniques to transform your body & mind.

NRG Power

Step into the realm of strength with NRG Power. Our Power Ring class introduces a graceful and aesthetic weighted ring to elevate your Pilates experience. Feel the power as you engage your muscles, sculpt your body, and experience a blend of strength and grace. NRG Power is more than a workout; it's a sculpting session that transforms both body and spirit.

NRG Flow

Embark on a seamless journey of movement and mindfulness with NRG Flow. This class is a continuous, invigorating flow that builds a connection between your mind and body. Layers of movement complexity and intensity unfold seamlessly, allowing you to tap into your inner strength. NRG Flow is not just an exercise; it's designed to quiet the mind and focus on your body and it's strength.

Mums & Bubs

At NRG Pilates, we invite you and your little one to join our Mums & Bubs session. Here, you'll discover more than just a workout—this is your sanctuary. Connecting with your baby and fellow mums in a supportive environment where every movement is an opportunity to strengthen both your body and the precious bond with your little one.


Our Mums & Bubs class is designed for you, offering a serene escape right here on the ground floor of our easily accessible NRG Pilates studio. This class is also suitable for prenatal mums to be.

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